Registered Nurse (Part-Time)

Allure Health is looking to hire a part-time Registered Nurse!
In this role, the nurse works closely with other nurses, specialists, and care providers to deliver high quality, exceptional care to our patients.

1) collecting patient information and documenting in medical records. maintaining complete and accurate medical records for patients.
2) supporting providers with patient care and carrying out orders for our providers to keep providers and our workflow running smoothly.
3) administering outpatient IV antibiotic treatments and medications as needed in our infusion center
4) educating patients on their diagnosis or illnesses at patient visits. preparing patients for provider examinations. health maintenance and disease prevention education.
5) Phone triaging with patient questions, scheduling, telemedicine, consultations, orders, etc.
6) help set up treatment plans, sent Rx and set up outpatient infusion and other outpatient orders.
Work Experience:
RN experience preferred in our private practice setting. Need to be autonomous, a good critical thinker; must be efficient and proficient in their RN roles and duties.

1) exceptional ability to start IV’s.
2) proficient in accurate documentation and using multiple medical records and EHR’s if needed.
3) nursing critical thinking and independent judgement skills are important for this position.
BSN or ADN in Nursing – SD license required.
– Working hours 8-5 Monday thru Friday with 1 hour lunch daily
– Paid Major Holidays per Employee Handbook
– Private Practice – High Quality working environment with skilled and knowledgeable co-workers

Job Type: Part-time
Pay: $20.00 – $26.00 per hour