Outpatient Infusion Center

Outpatient Infusion Center

What is an Outpatient Infusion Center?

Infusion treatment refers to medication that is administered through an IV or central line. It’s a viable alternative for patients who haven’t responded well to oral medications or for whom their health condition makes it difficult to swallow pills. It also comes with the benefit that since it’s infused directly into a vein, it reaches the bloodstream immediately — providing faster relief. However, as effective as it may be, it typically has to be administered on a regular basis. This means the patient will have to keep returning to medical facilities as part of their new routine. While it’s possible to receive such treatments at hospitals, there’s also the option of receiving infusions at outpatient centers.

Having to undergo infusion treatment on a regular basis can be overwhelming. However, outpatient infusion centers offer individuals the flexibility and comfort you don’t receive from a hospital setting. Our outpatient treatment center offers a more convenient, comfortable, and home setting to patients.  You’ll receive treatment in comfortable reclining chairs — as well as warm blankets, TV, and wifi.

Infusion treatments with us are significantly more cost-effective compare to receiving treatment at a hospital infusion center.

Examples include:

  • Antibiotic infusions
  • Iron infusions
  • Hydration and vitamins