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Registered Nurse/Infusion and ivclub

Job description

IVClub and Allure Health are looking to hire an Infusion Registered Nurse!


  • Staff our Outpatient Infusion Center and IVClub
  • Variety of once-daily antibiotic infusions and general IV hydration for IVClub clients
  • Peripheral IV starts and maintenance
  • Requires experience and highly skilled in IV starts
  •  IV infusion therapy and injection experience with general INS knowledge and guidelines


  • Exceptional ability to start IV’s
  • Experience in PICC line and midline maintenance and assessment
  • Must be self directed, efficient, and autonomous


  • BSN or ADN in Nursing – SD license required.

* hours of 8-5 Monday thru Friday

Apply by sending to:

Jenny Haiar
Chief Administrative Officer
Allure Health
7600 S. Minnesota Avenue, Suite 201
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Located inside Sioux Falls Urgent Care

7600 S. Minnesota Ave.
Suite 201, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
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P. 605-271-5441
F. 605-271-5277