IV Drip Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Why ivclub?

All of us have very busy lives. We are tired and wore out – we have long hours at work, lack of sleep, busy families, and too many activities. We are simply over-exerted with everyday life stressors; physically & mentally.

Busy lives often lead to illness, dehydration, headaches, disease, fatigue, exhaustion, and yes, the occasional hangover.

ivclub is the first and only elective iv infusion in the upper Midwest. Our iv infusion treatments are here to help you hydrate, recuperate, and revive so you can get back to living your life and feeling your best!

A Drip for Everyone

ivclub offers a variety of drip options to cater to whatever it is that is keeping you from reaching your full potential. From simple hydration to high dose vitamin infusions. We have a drip for you.


Do you have a big event in your future? Bachelor and bachelorette parties, sports outings, class reunions, and holiday parties can all dehydrate and take a toll on our bodies. Book a party at our clinic or request our mobile services to come to your event location.


Trust us. Once you feel the reviving hydration of ivclub you’ll want to keep coming back! Enjoy member exclusive benefits such as $20 off drip prices and discounted add-ons when you join.